Ant-Man and His Big World

Soon after the Marvel Legends Astonishing Ant-Man released, I’ve continue the design of the Custom head sculpt Classic Ant-Man but got delayed and just finished recently and joining on the new product on our store. It’s because the size of the astonishing head are different with the retro version, the new one are bigger on the scale maybe because Hasbro using the new body mold. So I’m doing an upscale to the 3d design to make the head sculpt fits to both body.

Here is the shot that I took using some fruits that lying on my house, which is makes the shot popped out with an unique way. At least that was what I’m thinking lol.

Custom Head Sculpt Classic Ant-Man

As for the eyes color, I’m still not sure back then. I just decided to use blue for Scott Lang eyes color, since this suit back story was for him to use or he stole it from Hank Pym. Anyway I hope you enjoy this shot and if you interested with the custom head sculpt, feel free to visit our store.

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