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Evil Ryu Embracing The Satsui no Hado

Have you got this amazing Jada Toys SDCC Exclusive Ultra Street Fighter II Evil Ryu? it is arguably one of the best 1/12 Evil Ryu in my opinion. It came with huge box than the normal Jada Toys action figures box with ton of accessories. It got additional purple Hadouken effect, normal dojo sign and […]

Welcoming 2024 with Smiling Daredevil

Happy New Year! thought it was so late but this is my first post on 2024. There’s so much happened during 2023 and we just passing the critical moment with so many packages that stuck during the long holiday on November and December 2023. Most of the packages reach the destination but still got some […]

Jean Grey Will Be Joining The Rooster

Jean Grey Will Be Joining The Rooster

It is long holiday, Christmas day, and its going to be a new year in few days. One of my resolution is to finish this Custom Head Sculpt Jean Grey for Mafex Jean Grey body, Marvel Legends version will follow after this. The custom head sculpt consist of two types of hairstyle, a ponytail and […]

Clearing First Batch of Custom Head Sculpt Classic Cyclops

Custom Head Sculpt Classic Cyclops

It’s been awhile, December is going to be busy month for me but hopefully will be a good holiday for you all. First of all, big thanks for joining the pre-order of Custom Head Sculpt Classic Cyclops which already on second batchs. I never thought that you like this because I was in doubt with […]

Captain Marvel Forever

Custom Head Sculpt Captain Marvel

It’s been a week or more after my last post, I’ve been inactive on managing the web lately. We have some new products released, one of them are my favourite female Marvel heroes, it is Custom Head Sculpt Captain Marvel which available to pre-order on the store. It should have more expressions, but i only […]

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Custom Head Sculpt

Custom Head Sculpt Masked Logan

While focusing on Marvel Comic’s super heroes, I’m adding new product from Wolverine’s Movie Franchise. Most of Hugh Jackman’s fans want him to wear the iconic wolverine mask just like in the comic books. After years passed by, it seems the possibility of him wearing the mask will happen on the upcoming Deadpool 3. So […]

Too Late For Halloween with Daredevil Zombie

Custom Head Sculpt Daredevil Zombie

Althought this new Custom Head Sculpt Daredevil Zombie sculpted from last month, I’ve missed the chance to post it for Halloween day. But still I was really happy that I’ve got the chance to have my own version of Marvel Zombies custom head sculpt starting with Zombie Daredevil. If I had another Marvel Legends Daredevil […]

Ant-Man and His Big World

Custom Head Sculpt Classic Ant-Man

Soon after the Marvel Legends Astonishing Ant-Man released, I’ve continue the design of the Custom head sculpt Classic Ant-Man but got delayed and just finished recently and joining on the new product on our store. It’s because the size of the astonishing head are different with the retro version, the new one are bigger on […]

The Sentry Collection

The Sentry Collection

Here are The Sentry Collection custom head sculpt using the old and new body. It’s not really popular among other products but I do enjoying working on this head sculpt. It was based on Victor Hugo Oliveira 3d design, his work on Sentry really hype me out especially what he did on the Void version. […]

Death of Elektra

Death of Elektra

Sadness and Sorrow, it’s what I want when trying to recreate this scene using custom head sculpt all new daredevil – Screaming expression. Swapping the original head with screaming head make this shot got more stories to tell, wether he was sad, angry, or fall into the darkness and start for a revenge. Althought I […]