Welcoming 2024 with Smiling Daredevil

Happy New Year! thought it was so late but this is my first post on 2024. There’s so much happened during 2023 and we just passing the critical moment with so many packages that stuck during the long holiday on November and December 2023. Most of the packages reach the destination but still got some issues left with few packages. I hope for the best with you all.

This picture taken from mid of December and should be the closing post of the year haha. I couldn’t do that and here we are today. We got some new stuffs added such as Captain America head sculpt classic and ultimate version and also Classic Thor head sculpt. Soon we will add more new head sculpt such as Comic Wolverine v3.0 or renew version, Jean Grey, Hyperion and adding another toy line from Jada’s Street Fighter such as Ryu and Ken. That’s all for now, have a good day.

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