Introducing Custom Head Sculpt for Jada Toys Ryu

Aside from Marvel stuff, let me introduce a new toy line that i put my interest off since it’s first wave. It is Street Fighter II action figure from Jada Toys which is nailed the interest of the Fans not only with their price but also their spot on articulations. I will not going to talk to much, this is my first Screaming head scupt for Jada Toys Ryu.

Custom Head Sculpt for Jada Ryu

Since Jada Toys already made 3 version of Ryu, its made me to buy them all and preparing the custom head sculpt for each of the figure. Each of the figure went with different skin tone, so you might choose your version carefully. Well, it is already up on the shop with temporary images, the close up product images will be uploaded soon.

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