Evil Ryu Embracing The Satsui no Hado

Have you got this amazing Jada Toys SDCC Exclusive Ultra Street Fighter II Evil Ryu? it is arguably one of the best 1/12 Evil Ryu in my opinion. It came with huge box than the normal Jada Toys action figures box with ton of accessories. It got additional purple Hadouken effect, normal dojo sign and destroyed dojo sign, it got 3 type of heads with wicked face. It was all fun but they missed the screaming head, at least its the critical issue for me. That is why I made one!

In this post I tried to maximize the Hadouken poses but still stuck within this range. Some people doing modified the butterfly jointed for best range pose, maybe I need to try it sometimes too. Like I said before, screaming heads is critical for Evil Ryu. Hope you enjoy this post and if you interested with the custom head sculpt, you can visit our shop.

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