Clearing First Batch of Custom Head Sculpt Classic Cyclops

It’s been awhile, December is going to be busy month for me but hopefully will be a good holiday for you all. First of all, big thanks for joining the pre-order of Custom Head Sculpt Classic Cyclops which already on second batchs. I never thought that you like this because I was in doubt with the designs, several revisions happened but I’m still not sure back then and decided to release it 6 months after.

The set contains of 1 Head Base, 2 face plates, and 3 visor effects. It was designed for Marvel Legends Cyclops VHS version as the default, but you can request for another body such as Warlock’s Cyclops and 3-Pack Love Triangle’s Cyclops since they got different blue for each figure.

Custom Head Sculpt Classic Cyclops

The production already begun and I will also share the progress on the instagram page, just to make sure if anybody want a change for the blue color. Hope there are no delay and it can be finished by this month. Have a good day and happy holiday.

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