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Death of Elektra

Death of Elektra

Sadness and Sorrow, it’s what I want when trying to recreate this scene using custom head sculpt all new daredevil – Screaming expression. Swapping the original head with screaming head make this shot got more stories to tell, wether he was sad, angry, or fall into the darkness and start for a revenge. Althought I […]

Billy Club Reborn! Are you Ready for this?

Custom Billy Club Weapon Set

For those who missed Custom Cowl and Weapon Set Red Ver. from old time, you might want to look at this upcoming new design of custom billy club which will be ready to pre order anytime soon on the shop. The set will consist of 1 pair of Custom Billy Club and 1 pair of […]

Thor And The Angry Avengers

Thor with The Angry Avengers

It’s been a while since my last post here, busy with life while doing my best to finish all the pending orders gave me a hard time. Some aspects are abandoned, the hosting are cramped so it tooks some time to migrate to the new one, while migrating problem happened. Some post and products are […]