Too Late For Halloween with Daredevil Zombie

Althought this new Custom Head Sculpt Daredevil Zombie sculpted from last month, I’ve missed the chance to post it for Halloween day. But still I was really happy that I’ve got the chance to have my own version of Marvel Zombies custom head sculpt starting with Zombie Daredevil.

Custom Head Sculpt Daredevil Zombie

If I had another Marvel Legends Daredevil 3-pack version, I would love to working on the body too. I’ve seen several custom figures of Zombie Daredevil before, it is quite a challenge to do. It will be different than just a battle damage or torn suit, its gonna be a broken and destroyed body parts here and there, showing some bone, rib, or even nasty things inside the body. I do really love to try that someday.

But this custom head sculpt still looks nice on Marvel Legends Daredevil 3-pack body in my opinion. If you don’t have the 3-Pack, you can also use other Daredevil figures based on the request so I can try to exact the colours for that.

Custom Head Sculpt Daredevil Zombie

This custom head sculpt contains with Zombie Daredevil custom head sculpt with additional eyeball as an accessory. It is plug and play, so you don’t need to use tacky or gluetack anymore. Perfectly made for 3-Pack Daredevil figure but also can be use for Daredevil from the defenders 4-pack, hobgobline wave, shadowland black suit and also the classic yellow suit all based on the request.

Just hop in to our shop if you interested with this Custom Head Sculpt Daredevil Zombie. Have a good day and thank you for coming.

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